Your Personal Travel Specialist

About Nancy Crooks

After 40 years with Air New Zealand -- including 20 years as manager of the airline's Holiday's Store in Pakuranga -- Nancy Crooks has a solid reputation in the industry for providing the best in travel expertise and personal service, providing her clientele with direct access to a full offering of proven and reliable travel options.

Certified Canadian Travel Specialist

Nancy's travels have taken her to many parts of the world, but Canada has always been her passion. From school days learning about the Saint Lawrence Seaway, the wilderness, the loggers... this all spurred a lifelong fascination with a country that New Zealanders feel a strong affinity for.

You're in Good Hands

With expertise gained from extensive travels and training Nancy will a craft custom holiday for you that will do justice to the variety and diversity of Canada's geography and culture, tailored to suit your individual interests and tastes.