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I am a certified Canadian Travel Specialist with 40 years of experience putting together the perfect holidays for New Zealanders. I offer highly specialised and personal travel agent services from my offices in the Eastern Bays of Auckland.


For many New Zealand travellers Vancouver is the entry-point to Canada. It's a gateway that opens the door to the Pacific coastline of British Columbia, the Rockies and the great plains of the Prairie provinces, further east to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.


When it comes to Canadian travel, it isn't a one size fits all proposition; I will provide you with an customised itinerary that caters to your individual tastes and interests. Whether you're looking to make the most of a stop-over on the way to Europe or you have several weeks to spend, get in touch with me today so that I can provide you with your perfect Canadian holiday.

My Specialties Include

Flights  // Cruises  // Coach Tours // Rail Tours  // Luxury & Niche Accommodation  
// Ski Packages... and much more...